Joint Statement - WACC Receiver and Issa Ndiaye

On April 12, 2024, King County Superior Court Judge Jason Holloway approved the terms of a settlement between Daniel Bugbee, court-appointed general receiver for the West African Community Council (“WACC”), Issa Ndiaye, WACC’s former executive director and founding board member, and his brother, Mamadou Ndiaye, also a former WACC board member. See Exhibit A. The settlement, achieved with the help of a mediator, retired judge Linda Lau, resolves all claims between Mr. Bugbee, on behalf of WACC, and the Ndiayes.

The lawsuit was originally filed by Issa Ndiaye in 2021, in his capacity as WACC’s executive director, in an effort to resolve disputes over WACC leadership. Issa Ndiaye, himself an immigrant from the West African country of Senegal, founded the WACC to advocate for and support members of the West African community in Seattle/King County. The Court later appointed Mr. Bugbee as a general receiver after allegations arose as to Issa Ndiaye’s misuse of WACC funds, and Mr. Bugbee then filed suit against the Ndiayes and other individuals affiliated with WACC, seeking recovery of funds allegedly misappropriated. Issa and Mamadou deny the Receiver’s claims that they misappropriated WACC funds.

Ultimately, both parties recognized that the needs of the West African community and the desire to continue WACC’s history of service and advocacy took top priority and agreed that settlement of the lawsuit was in WACC and the community’s best interest.

The settlement does not resolve claims against all parties to the lawsuit, and Mr. Bugbee will continue to serve as general receiver of WACC until such time as the Court terminates the receivership.

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